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What's Cooking at Brooks Corner

View from tree house.

Let’s see what’s been cooking at Brooks Corner lately. Tiffany reports she forgot to mention in the last article that the Dulcimer group, Heartstrings from Morgan and Fentress counties came and played in January and they did such a great job. She really appreciated them taking time out of their Saturday to come play.

Tiffany’s Uncle Jim Jones also had a birthday on February 16 . We hear that Bob Wright of Burrville has an amazing greenhouse in the works and it will open around April 18th. Any locals who would need garden plants or hanging baskets go check him out on at 1157 Burrville Road in Burrville. We are so glad that the weather is finally turning warm. Now if the rain would cease a little but we suppose there is a reason for everything.

Recently Tiffany had a really neat visitor who told a story of how his grandpa Tom Kimbrell helped clear the road from Mt. Helen to Rugby back in the early 20’s if she remembers correctly. His name is John B. Kimbrell and he remembers how him and his uncle would make an all-day trip to sell honey for $2 a quart to folks in Rugby and then on the way back home they would stop by the store. Also, they picked fresh apples from a farm they would pass on the way home. Tiffany said it was the sweetest little story she had heard and really neat that his grandpa has cleared the road to Rugby.

Ms. Linda says that since the Week of Rivers group canceled for this year due to the Corona Virus, she has got a lot of cleaning done, yet is also thinking of creative ways to generate income during this time. We believe she has a great deal on gift certificates for the future so give her a shout to check them out. Sue Bell in Historic Rugby stated today that things are quiet in the village since they have pushed back their opening date. Yet they too are thinking of creative ways to generate revenue since they are a non profit organization. If you want to support either one of them or both we are sure they would be grateful.

Tiffany says she is staying open and doing take out. If you are in the area and want a Famous Fried Bologna or cheeseburger just give her a call and she will be happy to make it. She says she just wants to try to be a beacon of light during this time. Until next time stay safe and be at Peace. Casting all your care upon him; for He careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7


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