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R.M. Brooks  Today



    Grand Re-opening of R.M. Brooks General Store, a National Register of Historic Places Landmark in Historic Rugby occurred on Saturday April 5, 2014. Great-granddaughter Tiffany Jones Terry, her husband Gary and great-great-grandchildren Kellie and Wesley are dedicated to keeping the integrity of the aura of history and times past the store represented to the people of the community and the visitors who came to see the living museum of country life.
     The pot-bellied stove, the rocking chairs, the 1880’s original Rugby Post Office, rat trap cheese, bologna, BBQ sandwiches, glass bottled soda cooled in an old-fashioned sliding soda case, popcorn, Nacho’s n cheese and of course moon pies and old fashioned candies await your choosing to purchase, observe, taste or relax.
     One of a kind re-purposed items designed from store and family memorabilia by Tiffany, and her sister Teresa will be available for purchase as well as unique lighted wine bottles designed by sister Taryn.
     The rocking chairs on the front porch and the smiles and hearty greetings from the family await you. Please join them as they pay tribute to their founding family and a new generation of Store Keepers and Care Takers.

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Homemade Fried Pies
by Linda Brooks Jones
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