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Voted Best BalogNA  Sandwich

The No-Baloney Best Baloney Sandwich Shootout !


That's right!  September, 30, 2015,  RM Brooks was voted the Best Baloney Sandwich in Tennessee. Thick, fried baloney, homegrown tomatoes, onions, hoop cheese, and whatever else you'd like from the cooler. Proprietress Tiffany Terry will serve you a hamburger, a ham sandwich, a ribeye sandwich or a hot dog. But the baloney sandwich is the crown jewel.

Tennessee Traveler visits R. M. Brooks

Our Visitors, Friends and Family


We are always happy and proud to see each and every one who walks through these old doors, wanting to step back in time, have a sandwich and sit by the old wood stove!



Recently we had an exciting visitor, former Coach Fulmer from UT football!! He ate lunch with us and was hunting nearby at Sawbriar hunting lodge in Fentress county!





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