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What's Been Cooking at Brooks Store

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Well let's see what's been cooking at  Brooks store.

Fall has arrived! Now for some of us that is very exciting, but for others of us we realize winter is not that far behind so it's a little less exciting. Winter means cold mornings and carrying in wood and getting out in the cold even when you don't want to.

If you haven't heard Historic Rugby just celebrated their 140th year anniversary of the founding of the village by Thomas Hughes. If you haven't had an opportunity to visit our little community please do so. There is so much nature and  history to soak up all in one little area. They said it was a great turn out and of course it was the same weekend as The Great Pumpkin Festival in Allardt Tennessee, which we heard was a great success.  We also heard Jake Hoot from Cookeville was there. He was the winner of the Voice season 17.  Bet that was a great concert.

The leaves are already turning and they are so beautiful right now. Tiffany has been doing a lot of cleaning and remodeling.  She is very excited to have some shelving put up which adds extra space for stuff and makes it a lot better. Thanks to a great guy Joe Yero for having a vision since he has done that kinda work for years. He has been a real blessing Tiffany says. Of course also her hubby Gary cause he is always on board for her little add on's to make things better.

We realize this year has been a difficult one for a lot of people but we hope and pray everyone in our area is doing okay. We want to give a shot out to Jim and Sue South from Dayton Ohio. They came in on 7-24-20 and they love reading the articles when they come out so Thank Ypu for your support. Also Ellen Beaty ,Billy Price and Phyllis and Steve Brooks came into the store recently and Ellen Beaty was so sweet to Tiffany. She was encouraging Tiffany and she really appreciated it. Tiffany says she is so blessed with so many people that support her and what she is doing. Thank you she says with all  her heart.

We want to send out our sincere condolences to the family of Floyd Cooper. He was so dear to Tiffany she loved to see him come in and tell of the story when he delivered Dr. Pepper to the store and it cost something like 20 cents a bottle. He loved bluegrass music and just coming and getting cheese. He will be missed.

Also we want to send a special prayer to Joe Posey, Marty, his wife went to be with the Lord this last week. I know him and his family are missing her terribly. Joe and Marty would come and get a strawberry milkshake for Joe about every other day.  She will be missed by Tiffany and Gary and the girls. Marty painted several little things for Tiffany and she loves them.

Well we will take this time to encourage everyone to be in prayer for the upcoming election and to get out and exercise our right to live in a free country where we are able to vote. The Lord says He will never leave us nor forsake us. Even though these are trying times we must encourage ourselves to be strong in Lord and call upon him for our strength.  He is Faithful. Til next time, stay in perfect peace.


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