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What's Cooking at Brooks Corner

Well Let’s see what has been cooking at Brooks Corner lately. Breakfast is what is cooking in the mornings at Brook’s store.

Ms. Lois is back at it again cooking up homemade biscuits and a variety of meats Monday thru Friday mornings at the store. She gets there at seven and has the fire ready and biscuits coming out of the oven by 7: 30 maybe a little bit

earlier if she arrives early. She would love for you to come on out and join her in the

mornings. Tiffany says she is excited about being able to offer this to the community and have Lois helping out again.

Historic Rugby is in full swing for the holiday season. They had their Christmas at Rugby

this past weekend and will be doing it again this weekend. Also, the weekend of the 21 st

there will be music going on thru out the village all day!!! Oh, my Christmas spirit is in the air. Sounds so exciting to have a different variety of people showing off their musical

talents. Check out their website for further information or just drive on out and see what’s happening.

Tiffany will be cooking up a storm all weekend long and there is fresh fried pies,

homemade fudge and she has all of her Christmas candy in for the season. Jim Goad, Rick Ward, and Gary Johnston will be back at Brooks’ store playing again on December 28 th from 2 to 4 so be sure to come out and grab a bite to eat, a cookie and coffee and enjoy their playing. Also coming in January, Heartstrings will be playing, stay tuned for more information on that.

Ms. Linda at Grey Gables is in full swing with her cooking and serving meals. Her house

looks amazing just drop by to see it if you would like. She and all her helpers (will call them her little elves) have done an amazing job on her house this year. If you didn’t know it here is a little historical information you could say. This next year in April of 2020 Ms. Linda and her late husband Bill opened Grey Gables will have been 30 years in business. That is an amazing task as a sole proprietor. Thank you, Ms. Linda for your dedication and hard work to add a unique and wonderful place for families to gather in our community.

Tiffany says her trip to Florida was great with her children and mom, although the

weather wasn’t the best, they still did some amazing things. They got to see alligators and eat at some great unique places. On their way home she says they drove highway 1 along the coast and it was beautiful and stopped at the beach at St. Augustine which brought back memories for Ms. Linda.

Well we hope each and every person is filled with the true meaning of this season, not just about gifts and the Hussle and Bussle but that every day should count because you never know how many you have to spend with the ones you love. The greatest of Gifts was that we were all sent a Savior to set us free and give us a way to spend eternity with the One who created us. Our prayer is for all eyes to be opened and hearts be enlightened. Til next time we leave you with this; For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. John 3:16


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