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What's Cooking at Brooks Corner

Well let’s see what’s cooking at Brooks Corner. August is already here and we can’t believe it! Where did July go? We know there has been a lot of family reunions going on. First, we have reported by Connie Parker about the Litton reunion. The descendants of Tressie (Hamlin ) and Albert Litton (formerly of Rugby) had their yearly reunion in Armathwaite, mostly at Danny and Connie Parker’s house, during the middle of July. Family came in from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Georgia to reminisce and have a good time together. They like to joke about most reunions last a few hours, maybe one whole day, but their’s goes on for 4 days!! And no reunion is complete without spending time in Rugby, remembering the old days and visiting Brooks Store. On the last day, they all got together to eat Sunday brunch at Grey Gables. Good Times. Thank you Connie for sharing with us.

Next we report that the York Reunion took place down on Brewstertown Road at the old homeplace of Ethel and Omer York. The family share the house together but once a year they get together for a big hooray!! We know they sure do like the hoop cheese cause they kept coming back for more. Some of them got to come down to the store on Thursday night to shoot off a few fireworks and visit with Tiffany and her family and friends. We don’t have an exact count on how many there were but it sure seemed like a lot from the road.

The last family reunion to report is the Jones reunion held at the Grey Gables. This makes around the 12th year they have been getting together there. They always have plenty of food to feed an army. This year there wasn’t as many as normal but several people were traveling and some had to work but always good to get together with family. All commented they sure missed the butterfinger home made ice cream. It is promised for next year.

On to other news, this coming weekend there is a lot going on in the little town of Rugby. First off Friday August 2nd David Howard will taking us back in time to the 70’s. Music and open grill and R.M.Brooks store from 6 to 8. Come on out and join us for a fun evening. On Saturday evening The Actors Co-op Comeback Cabaret will be featured at the Rebecca Johnson Theatre @6pm. Tickets are going fast so call to get info at Historic Rugby. Also, there will be road bowling in the streets of Rugby on Friday August 2nd so if that peeks your interest go check it out, starts at 6pm.

To share just a few more things before we go this time Tiffany says that the new addition is complete all but a few minor details so come see it and moving on to her next project, they will be adding a little bit of coolness to the air inside, she says there are days she feels as if she just might melt so they are working on cooling that old store just a little. Until next time, be blessed!!! Find balance in all that we do because we only have this one life to live here on earth. To much of one thing is not always good.


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