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What's Cooking at Brook's Corner

Well it sure has turned off cold fast!!! Tiffany says they have already built several fires.

Recently Pansy Crockett ( Jones ) came in to the store and talked about how her dad Asberry Jones worked or helped Daddy Bob and she says it brings back memories, she is now 79 years old. What a blessing it was to hear her stories.

If you haven't heard James Goad and his band will be back on November 23rd from 2 to 4 eastern time at the store. They sure we're a big hit the last time they visited. Tiffany and Gary said they look forward to them coming back.

Recently there was several events going on in the village. The lantern tour,  was one of them which shows off history of the village with special actors playing parts to tell the history. Also the Annual Gala that raises money for Historic Rugby and the Morgan/ Scott project took place and it was a huge success. 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner,  hope everyone is blessed with much family time and great food to fill their bellies. Remember Thanksgiving Market Place will happen Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving come out and and do some Christmas shopping at the stores here in Rugby. We hear Tiffany will have some Old fashion Christmas candy to buy. Yummy yummy.

  Members of the Rugby neighborhood gathered together to pay respect to two of their highly regarded community members Harry Hester and Bill Branch who recently passed away. Their lovely wives Jonell Hester and Kathy Branch attended as the community celebrated their lives together. Tiffany says stay tuned to next time to hear all about her recent adventure and time off to Daytona Florida. We hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving til next time take care.📷ReplyForward


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