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What's Cooking at Brook's Corner

Wow, there is so much going on since spring time has officially arrived!! Even though the mornings are a little nippy the weather has been delightful. Let's start off by sharing the news about the dedication of Clayton Lowe, Gary and Tiffany's grandson, and Austin and Kellie's youngest son, who just turned two months old. They were so proud today at church even Gary teared up over pastor's words to Clayton. Also their granddaughter Aria, Mitch and Lisa's middle daughter, had a birthday on Saturday and she turned 5. Ms. Linda at Grey Gables is starting her spring off by having three weeks of paddlers at her place. She is so amazing, 81 and still cooking and running her business like she is 30. What an inspiration. Historic Rugby has officially opened and events are starting, so check out their website or just drive out, hike a trail and grab a bite to eat at R.M. Brooks store or Harrow Road cafe. Things are really starting to pick up around here. This coming Saturday night, Victory Bluegrass Band will be playing at the Store and Tiffany is gearing up to have pintos and cornbread. But of course she will also have her grill open for people to choose food from there. Gary and Tiffany are excited and honored for the band to be playing that night. If you have drove by the store recently you may have noticed a little construction going on. Well the rumors are true Tiffany and Gary are adding on to give more room to display things and sell and sit around and eat. They are hoping to have it completed by their cruise- in May 4th. Boy that Gary sure will be tired. The walking trail from the store into the village is complete with the exception of a few minor things. They will be putting up signage and having a roller go over the pathway to pack it down. So come check it out. Tiffany recently had a visitor from Florence S.C. Helen Blair stopped by and Tiffany said she was delighted to meet her. She was Uncle Charlie's niece, and Uncle Charlie was R.M's brother. Stop by again Helen when you are in town. New hats and other items Tiffany's dad, Bill used to carry will be arriving in the near future so drop by and see what NEW items she has. Easter is right around the corner and as it is approaching let's begin now to reflect what it truly means. As humans there was a Savior sent to die on a cross for us, for our sins, and he rose again so that we may have everlasting life; but also that while we journey thru this life here earth we are able to have peace and joy and all the fruits of the spirit if we accept/receive him as our Savior. Should this not be something we celebrate all year long? Everyday? So let's not get sidetracked but remember why we celebrate Easter this year. May you be blessed and prosper until the next time. God Bless

Cooper helping with the new addition.


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