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What's Cooking at Brook's Corner

Well let's see what's been cooking at Brook's Corner this month. Tiffany reports that despite all of this crazy amount of rain people are still out and about and she has been seeing a lot of new faces these past few weeks. She said that she contributes some of that to Ole John B Mullinex.  He came out a few weeks ago to visit the store because Tiffany is joining WDEB and Bluegrass Saturday Night and sponsoring them. They had a great conversation after John B had waited quite a while for her to get unbusy, but she sure did appreciate him waiting. They found out they both have a passion for something in common, the Love of Jesus Christ, so there is a great friendship started there and she says she can't wait to partner with him for future events.  Here we are at the end of February can't believe March is right around the corner. So we must ask, did you take care of your valentine this valentine's day?  Well if you didn't or you don't have one it's never to late to spread a little love to those around you. Wouldn't it be great if we just celebrated like it was valentine's everyday!!!  The world would be a different place.    We would write about the wet weather but what more can a person say other than we bet the ducks are loving it.  Our philosophy has become God knows best so enjoy it.  We hear in March Historic Rugby will be up running so check out their schedule online.  When the weather dries up and it will, the trails will be great for hiking and enjoying our beautiful land.  There has been a revival going on a White Rock Church in Huntsville Tn and what a glorious thing to hear about all those being saved during that revival, and also 20 plus were baptized this past Sunday at Highlands Church in Jamestown Tn. Thank you God for your Grace and Mercy that you show your sons and daughters everyday.   We hear that on March 30th at 6pm eastern time the Victory Bluegrass Band will be playing at R.M. Brooks store. So be sure to come out and get you a bowl of pinto beans and enjoy some bluegrass gospel music. Tiffany and Gary welcome everybody.  Well on that note, we want to pray peace over our Nation, guidance to those in leadership everywhere and a word of encouragement to everyone; look to your future with great anticipation,  for sometimes it is the smallest of things that will bring us the greatest of joy.


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