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What's Cooking at Brooks Corner

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Hi Ya'll! We are excited to be adding a blog to our RM Brooks Store website and we hope you will enjoy readying this and tell others about it!

Guest relaxing by the fire waiting on lunch!

What's been cooking at Brook's corner lately? A lot of fried boloney sandwiches and hamburgers. So, we apologize it's been quite a while since we have updated everyone on the happenings out our way, but things have been mighty busy. Old man hot has officially arrived and we just want to sit around by the fans and keep cool.

We must start off with some long time overdue information that a dear friend of Tiffany's gave her sometime back and the info did not make it into the Corner news. Jackie Broeker, ultra- trail runner, and crew leader for the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Strike Team, which is part of a forest health initiative by the Tennessee of Agriculture Division of Forestry, gave us an update on the hemlocks in our area. " The hemlocks in Pickett State Park Forest are some of the healthiest looking I have seen this season" Jackie states especially on the Hazard Cave Loop Trail. According to Dr. Pat Parkman a researcher from UT the cold snaps we had back last December and January caused about 60 to 70 percent mortality to the adelid, depending on location. This is great news, but we still must be vigilant as this does not stop the threat from losing the Eastern Hemlock as a species. We stuck that little bit in there for you nature lovers. Jackie lives in the village and we are always looking for interesting things to add to our article. Thank you, Jackie.

A little while back Tiffany said she had 51 Seniors from Smyrna Senior Center in Smyrna Tennessee and, Jimmy The Cricket, was their tour bus guide, and what a great guide he was!! They visited Historic Rugby and then traveled down to the store for ice cream cones!!! 51 ice cream cones Tiffany said. It was jammed packed in that store but they loved every minute of it and so did Tiffany and Angelina ( who got stuck there helping Tiffany) ha ha. Tiffany says they even allowed her to pray with them on their bus before they left and that to her was the highlight.

Recently she also says she had a visitor named Buford Lay who delivered Kerns Bread to the store in the 1950's. He and his daughters came by while visiting from Ohio. He also said he knew Sgt. York from Pall Mall, Tn. York would call him the Kerns boy. That brought back memories.

So, the next Cruise In is coming up so be sure to mark your calendars for Sept. 1st. Tiffany and Gary look forward to seeing everyone. Now there is an upcoming event you won't want to miss. The Morgan Tourism Alliance is putting on the second annual Jazz Festival. It will be on Sept. 15th at Papaw's Opry Barn and Theatre in Pine Orchard at 5:30 eastern time. There will be food and drink and the Knoxville Swing Orchestra will entertain, a must event to attend this year! Local Winery Highland Manor, will be there for wine tasting also. For info contact Ms. Linda at Grey Gables.

Congratulations is in order for Cooper, he is going to be a big brother, his little brother is due in January. The Jones reunion was held in July this year at Grey Gables the hit of the day was the homemade Butterfinger ice cream Sarah Jane's son made. Can't wait til next year. So, we guess this will be all for this time, and until next time remember to love like there is no tomorrow.


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